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Add creative software to your laptop or desktop computer to significantly expand its versatility and flexibility. Audio, video, and image editing and creation programs let you create ads, fliers, and logos that look professional and bring in customers. This software is the perfect way to add some flair to your business that can increase profits. Download one of NCH Software's many free software programs in the audio, video, business, graphics, computer utility and dictation space for Windows or Mac. Software essentials for Windows, macOS and Android. TechSpot Downloads is updated every day with dozens of apps covering everything from productivity and communication, to.

Automatically track development metrics for continuous improvement

Get started—it's free

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Focus on what matters

Software’s advanced time tracking makes it easy for developers and teams to level up faster. Discover best code times, defend code time, see the impact of meetings, and improve work-life balance.

Decide on the future of work


Where do developers code best? At work? At home? How is productivity trending? Get the data before making decisions about the future of work.

Turn data into action


Visualize meeting time versus code time. See how much coding happens during work hours versus nights and weekends. Schedule dedicated code times to improve productivity and reduce burnout.

Inspire performance

See productivity trends compared to weekly and monthly averages. See how you stack up against the Software community of over 100,000 developers. Set goals to motivate performance.

Build transparency and trust

We value developer privacy, productivity, and happiness above all. Development is a team sport. Trust and context matter. Everyone on the team sees the same anonymized, summary data. Your specific data is just for you.

Get the data. Get ahead.

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Software Definition

For Individuals

BillingA forever free plan with a small fee for increased retention and features

For Teams

Free and paid plans for teams using our 'Code anywhere' dashboard
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