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Sony offers powerful Android tablets, smartphones, and wearable technology designed with every day in mind. Go further to make every moment extraordinary. Opera Software unveiled Opera Touch today, a new mobile web browser that is optimized for one-handed use. The company revealed last week that it had an important announcement to make today. The teaser revealed the project's codename R2 but provided no other information about it. Suggestions ranged from Opera unveiling. TAMPA BAY, Fla., Sept. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ - TeamViewer, a leading global provider of secure remote connectivity solutions, today introduces the TeamViewer Mobile Software Development Kit.

Mobile software - The significance of Mobile Software cannot be ignored. With the advent of various mobile brands and operating systems, the mobile soft wares are made in accordance to the requirements. These soft wares are designed to handle different functions of mobile phone. Mobile Software make easier to take advantage of mobile capability. Sep 04, 2013.

Mobile software is one of the fastest-moving areas of IT today, with new low-cost applications - or apps in the mobile parlance - being rapidly created. Businesses are looking at how best to exploit powerful smartphones, such as iPhones and Android devices, and portable computers such as iPads and other tablets, that are now available. We examine the latest mobile software trends and technologies and put them into the context of enterprise IT.

  • Trump and Biden campaign apps easy targets for cyber criminals

  • How Malaysia’s Selangor state is tapping cloud

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It’s complicated: how data integration lies at the heart of evermore complex data architectures

Data integration and preparation remains the knotty problem at the heart of many data management and business intelligence programmes. Demands on IT leaders in user organisations – especially large, complex ones – are and will continue to be equally complex and pressing as boards look to get business value from data. Read more in this e-guide.

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New Mobile Software
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  • October 21, 202021 Oct'20

    Trump and Biden campaign apps easy targets for cyber criminals

    You don’t need a stellar IQ to exploit the dangerous StrandHogg Android vulnerability, and users of both Donald Trump’s and Joe Biden’s mobile apps are at risk of falling victim to it

  • October 21, 202021 Oct'20

    How Malaysia’s Selangor state is tapping cloud

    Malaysian state has built a cloud-based payment services platform for citizens and is looking to tap cloud-based analytics to upgrade its surveillance cameras, among other cloud computing initiatives

  • October 19, 202019 Oct'20

    London’s fintechs continue to attract investment

    The capital’s fintechs continue to attract large volumes of venture capital funds despite the global economic slowdown

  • October 12, 202012 Oct'20

    Software AG caught in double extortion ransomware hit

    Data stolen from prominent German software company by Clop ransomware gang appears on the dark web

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  • Augmented reality in field service: Why FSM needs AR now

    Augmented reality can improve field service by empowering technicians with better information. Learn why interest in AR for FSM has grown and what some early adopters are saying. Continue Reading

  • APAC buyer’s guide to human capital management software

    More Asia-Pacific organisations are turning to HCM software to recruit, engage and retain a new breed of employees who increasingly expect personalised services from HR teams Continue Reading

  • Facebook’s privacy game – how Zuckerberg backtracked on promises to protect personal data

    Facebook promised its users privacy then quietly abandoned its promises in pursuit of profits. Now it faces antitrust regulation Continue Reading

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  • For your iPod only

    Former iPod engineer David Shayer has revealed Apple worked on a “top secret” project to create a “special” version of the device for the US government in 2005. Shayer claimed only he and three ... Continue Reading

  • Huawei risks drowning as HarmonyOS heads for open waters

    Earlier in August, Huawei announced it was launching its own open-source operating system, named HarmonyOS, which may replace Google’s Android on its devices, writes Promon head of development, Jan ... Continue Reading

  • The revolution will not be pasteurised

    It’s been almost a year since Downtime talked emojis, but from far-right tool bag Jair Bolsonaro seizing power in Brazil to a supermarket magazine editor thinking it’s normal to reply to a ... Continue Reading

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  • Why UK needs independent oversight body for contact-tracing app

    The public needs and deserves clarity, and not just assurances, over the UK’s Covid-19 contact-tracing app Continue Reading

  • Technology has brought us together, but can it lead us out of lockdown?

    The government needs to tell us more about the NHSX contact tracing app - choices made now around privacy and transparency will affect all our lives as we aim to ease lockdown, says the shadow digital minister Continue Reading

  • Security Think Tank: Encourage employees to use an approved messaging app

    What criteria should organisations use to assess the security of smartphone messaging apps and how can they ensure only approved apps are used by employees? Continue Reading


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    As technology becomes more embedded in business the IT function could become decentralised

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    In this video, Computer Weekly’s Brian McKenna interviews Håkan Borglund, CIO, Toyota Materials Handling Europe

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