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Jul 22, 2020 No list of top Mac cleaning software would be complete without OnyX. It’s been a highly trusted and efficient tool for deleting the useless files and keeping the computer clutter-free. You can use this tool to quickly nab all the problematic files and folders that need to be purged soon. Apr 26, 2018. Jul 30, 2020 The Competition: Paid Mac Cleaner Software. CCleaner Professional. For years, the standard in PC cleaner software has been CCleaner. Now, Mac users can benefit from the experience that the Piriform developers bring to the table. CCleaner Professional is quick and easy to use the program, which speeds up your Mac and secures it.

The thing that I always want to see in my Mac is the Speedy Performance. To prevent the junkies from piling up and making the computer sluggish, I make sure to eliminate the unnecessary files on a regular basis. However, tracking down the useless files and removing them is a bit time-consuming. That’s why; I take the help of the most trusted Mac cleaning software to quickly get rid of the redundant files.

Have you found your Mac running at snail’s pace? It’s high time to track down all the unwanted files and shoot them out right away to not just recover some valuable storage but also speed up the computer. Aside from purging out the useless files, many of these tools can also play a pivotal role in providing the needed safeguard to your personal info.

#1. Daisy Disk

“Daisy Disk” has been one of the most reliable Mac storage cleaners for long. It provides a visual breakdown of your disk space, thereby making it a bit easier to spot the space wasters. Therefore, capturing and purging unwanted files becomes pretty straightforward.

One notable feature of this software is the ability to scan multiple disks not just accurately but also fast. With the integrated QuickLook features, it lets you easily preview file content.

Besides, you can use Daisy Disk in several languages including English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and more.

Price: $9.99

#2. CleanMyMac

Best Mac Cleaning Software

“CleanMyMac” is second to none when it comes to wiping out the redundant files with ease. This software scans your entire system and suggests you clean up the files depending on their usability.

It also recommends you to delete all the useless contents related to an application. Hence, you don’t have to spend much time to track down what’s killing the storage.

With just a click, you can remove the entire unnecessary files including the large mail attachments, duplicate photos, cache, etc. and be able to recover plenty of valuable storage.

Price: Free

#3. OS Cleaner Master

Having put my hands on “OS Cleaner Master” and used it to flush out the junk files with ease, I can tell that this Mac cleaner works well. The app allows you to track down the redundant data and lets you get rid of them fast.

Plus, you can use the OS Cleaner Master to keep an eye on the CPU, storage, and memory. Take advantage of the adware doctor to nab the adware and malware. Keep a close watch on the app information like its version and size.

Check out the crashed apps and also find out the firewall status. Besides, you have the option to upgrade this Mac cleaner to unlock several useful features like removing mail attachments, duplicate, and large files.

Price: Free

#4. OnyX

No list of top Mac cleaning software would be complete without OnyX. It’s been a highly trusted and efficient tool for deleting the useless files and keeping the computer clutter-free.

You can use this tool to quickly nab all the problematic files and folders that need to be purged soon. Having given it a long spin, I can say that it can live up to the demand fairly well.

One notable feature of this software is the accuracy with which it unearths junkies. That means there is less chance for the clutters to survive!

Price: Free

#5. Disk Inventory X

Disk Inventory X is a lightweight software but very efficient in getting rid of the unneeded files. It’s up to the mark in scanning the disk and displaying the usage in the treemap format.

Thus, you are able to have a close look at all the files and folders that are of no use. And once you have tracked down the less important files, deleting them all is dead simple. You will really appreciate its simplicity.

Price: Free

#6. MacCleanse

With “MacCleanse”, you are looking at an all-in-one solution. This software works with high proficiency in erasing various types of files like caches, empty logs, cookies, web histories. You will be able to locate useless and old files and clear them immediately.

MacCleanse comes with a unique feature that lets you instantly find out the unnecessary contents from a respective app. The software also offers detailed information about each file it deletes. Furthermore, it claims to delete files with the US Department of Defense level security.

Price: $19.99

#7. EaseUS CleanGenius

Retrieve the precious disk space by wiping out the large files. “EaseUS CleanGenius” can keep your Mac clutter-free and also boost its performance.

This cleaner app scans through the entire computer to find out the system logs, caches, along with all the files that are hogging tons of storage. You can navigate through the storage hogging files and remove the ones that are useless or need to be cleaned up.

The app also lets you get rid of browser plug-ins, extensions, and cookies. However, it keeps the browsing history, bookmarks, as well as the downloaded files.

Price: $9.99

#8. CCleaner

CCleaner can work exceptionally well in reducing the clutter of your Mac and making it run smoothly. Apart from letting you get rid of junkies and unused files, the software can also help you quickly spot the storage hogging apps.

This tool offers you the desired flexibility to pick and choose exactly what you want to keep or remove. After you have discovered the unwanted files, eliminating them all will hardly take a click or two.

CCleaner also wipes out the browser history to safeguard your personal history. As a result, you will be able to safely browse the web.

The free version of the app comes with limitation and you have to buy its premium version (around $30) to use all the features.

Price: Free

#9. App Cleaner & Uninstaller

App Cleaner & Uninstaller is a fully-featured Mac cleaning tool. The quality that makes it exceptionally user-friendly is the ability to spot all the temporary files and leftovers of the apps you have already deleted. Thus, you are able to wipe out all the useless data that has cluttered the device or threatening to do so.

You can preview all the installed apps and extensions and be able to quickly remove the ones that are no longer needed. Check out login items and remove them if they are of no use.

Turn off launch agents and startup items to expedite the speed of the device. Furthermore, you can use it to take control of all of your files and optimize your Mac’s performance to run smoothly.

Price: Free/$19.90

And that’s it, folks!

What’s your favorite cleaning tool?

Assuming you have found the right storage cleaner for your macOS device? Which one is it and what are the qualities you have found appreciable in it? It would be great to know your feedback in the comments.

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Though Mac is one of the best systems available in the market today, it also needs regular maintenance and upkeep. This is because over a period of time the speed and efficient could get impacted negatively. While changing hard disks, formatting the hard disks and increasing the RAM size could be some simple and easy ways by which one can improve the performance of the machine, at times using the right mac cleaner software could be the best option. It goes a long way in helping enhance the performance of the machine and also ensure durability and longevity of the same. There are many such cleaner software solutions available in the market. Over the next few lines we will have a look at the top 10 cleaners that can help in increasing the efficiency of mac systems.

#1. CleanMyMac 3

According to many customers and experts, CleanMyMac 3 is considered to be arguably the best and is very feature rich. It scans almost everything that one would like to know including trash bins, iTunes and much more. It also is able to make it clear as to what needs to be exactly cleaned and what need to be left out. It is very versatile and offers full value for money. For five Mac users the price is around $90 and for single user it comes at around $40. It is known for cleaning almost everything that one wants and fully cleanses the system from old and large files which are not needed. It helps free up lot of valuable disk and memory space.

#2. MacBooster App

Many users feel that MacBooster App is great application and helps clean the Mac System deeply, perfectly and in a secure and safe way. There are many easy to use features and it is priced at around $35 which according to many is extremely good for single users. For more than one user the price range could be anything between $50 and $75.

  • It is a very user-friendly.
  • It is a easy-to-install and easy-to-operate software program which also comes with may help features all through its running.
  • It certainly helps in preventing phishing attacks, virus, spyware and other such things.
  • At times the software fails to boot especially when there is power outages. This is a problem that needs to be addressed.

#3. MacKeeper

There are many customers who have a soft corner for MacKeeper because of its proven worth when it comes to keeping your Mac clean and free from unwanted files and other viruses. In fact according to many users it is much more than a system cleaning software. The price range could be anything between $40 and $60 depending on the class of cleaners that one would like to buy.

  • It has the capacity to run an in depth scan.
  • It can also help find duplicate files.
  • It is more useful only when it comes to removing duplicate files after finding them. It may not be the best when it comes to cleaning.

#4. Gemini: The Duplicate Finder

Gemini has been developed by MacPaw. Though its primary focus is to locate and remove duplicate files, it also performs reasonably well when it comes to cleaning the disk and other such devices. It is very reasonably priced and comes with a price tag as low as $10.00.

  • It is very reasonably priced.
  • Though essentially a duplicate file remover, it helps to clean disk space and memory space.
  • As is the case with such software solutions, many customers find it more of a file cleaner.

#5. MacCleanse

MacCleanse is considered to be the closest rival to CleanMyMac2 and is considered by many to be one of the best in the market. The great thing about this software is that it has a number of functionalities without being harsh on the budget. It comes with an unbelievable price tag of $25 and therefore very popular.

  • Though not a top class cleaning software, it certainly offers good value for money being available at a price tag of $25.
  • According to many, it is a low cost imitation of the best cleaning software solutions available in the market.

#6. CCleaner

Though not liked my many professional Mac users, there is no doubt that CCleaner goes a long way in cleaning cookies, caches, recycle bin and could play a big role in releasing lot of memory and disk space. It is a tested product and has a number of followers. The price ranges from $199 for 10 workstations to $1599 for 100 workstations.

  • Though a bit expensive, it is a product that works very well and delivers on its promise.
  • It is free for home use.

Best Mac Cleaner Software 2018

Best mac cleaning software reviews
  • Price is a major constraint as far as this product is concerned.

#7. MacPaw

MacPaw is according to many users one of the best known Mac cleaner software and is very feature rich. It cleans, optimizes and maintains your Mac machine perfectly. It is easy to download and use. The price is also quite competitive and ranges from $40 and $90.

  • It is extremely user friendly.
  • There is also a free demo version available.
  • The free downloadable option more often than not does not work and this is big challenge with this product.

#8. Kongo Software

Kongo Software is considered to be a very good product because it is the result of 20 years of research and understanding of customers requirements perfectly. Hence it is almost a zero defect software with the best of features. The lowest price would be around $70.

  • It has various features and can be operated across various platforms.
  • It is very modern and come with a product guarantee.
  • Price is a major problem because it varies from user to user and could be anything upwards $70 for the most basic application.

#9. i-Doctor

According to many users, i-Doctor is one of the most cost effective ways and means of cleaning your Mac. With monthly plans as low as $10 it is possible to keep your Mac clean at all points of time.

  • It comes with around 15 apps and live support.
  • It well and truly offers great value for money.
  • It has hardly any disadvantages and can be considered perfect in many ways.

Best Mac Cleaning Software 2019

#10. MacLife

MacLife is perhaps considered the ultimate when it comes to keeping your Mac system clean. It has a number of apps available to ensure proper cleaning and therefore is very much liked by customers. When bought from the right store it would cost around $10 which is simply amazing.


Free Mac Cleaning Software

  • It has some of the most amazing applications and therefore can help in cleaning disks, freeing memory space, securing vital files and much more.

Best Mac Cleaning Software 2019


Best Mac Cleaning Software Free

  • Though it has a free version, it does not work always.
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